ComicsGate (or #ComicsGate) is an online movement that believes the comic book industry (especially publishers Marvel and DC) is oversaturated by political messaging that appeals explicitly to only one demographic that is not interested in the medium, to the detriment of the existing consumer base and the industry as a whole. It also addresses a lack of professionalism, inclusivity, objectivity and accountability of the publishers and their employees (i.e. management, editors, writers, artists, etc.) when dealing directly with the customers.


ComicsGaters believe the following are problems that pervade the comic book industry:

  1. The adoption of art styles influenced exclusively by Progressive politics, & by the awkward, stilted injection of said political messages into stories regardless of whether context demands it or not.
  2. The hiring of people based purely on their surface traits and "oppressed demographic" status (Women, Minorities, LGBT) rather than hiring based on merit, affinity or enthusiasm for craft.
  3. The change or outright replacement of beloved classic characters to pander to Progressive and/or Leftist politics instead of creating new characters for this end.
  4. The elitist purge of anything that is "not progressive enough." 
  5. The rejection of honest criticism, swept aside as harassment or discrimination.


Participants in ComicsGate sometimes portray their effort as a “consumer revolt.” ComicsGate has not, so far, organized any formal boycott against the companies they dislike. A more popular tactic is what is called a “Buycott,” in which the consumers purchase comics that match their preferences and publicize their purchases, such as with #MoveTheNeedle. 

This has the twofold purpose of:

  1. The hashtag participants are active, paying customers, and
  2. The comics that customers are willing to pay for and wish to see more of.


ComicsGate is often described by Industry Pros and Online Activists as motivated primarily by sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and various other forms of bigotry.

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Examples of the complaints that ComicsGaters have expressed against comic books as well as the broader culture of cartoon, sci-fi and fantasy entertainment:

1. Thor was revealed to only be a title (even though it is his name) and was replaced by Jane Foster.

2. Ice-Man is now an over-the-top stereotypical gay person, although he has been straight for all of his history.

3. Iron Man was replaced by Ironheart, a teenager who stole materials from MIT to make her Iron Man suit. The character is badly written, as the writers are afraid to give a female black character faults.

4. Ms Marvel is a girl-centered and muslim-friendly superhero comic.

5. America Chavez is a comic about a Latina lesbian.

6. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) design lacks any femininity and looks very masculine.

7. Domino is not sexually appealing.

8. The new design of She-Ra is not sexually appealing.

9. Captain America was turned into a Nazi, undoing 77 years of the character's history.

10. The Hulk was briefly Asian.

11. A girl out-fought Luke Skywalker, solely because of her gender, even though she had no training whatsoever.

12. Comic book publishers like Marvel focus on hiring ethnically and gender diverse employees instead of people who have talent/skill, experience or passion for comics.

ComicsGate was named after GamerGate, an online campaign that began around 2014 and which was centered on video game culture and journalism. (GamerGate took its suffix from the Watergate scandal of the early 1970s). GamerGate was begun by video game fans around 2014, and had as its goal honesty and integrity in games journalism and a pushback against perceived political correctness in video game publishing and journalism, which was overshadowed by multiple media outlets reporting this as nothing more than online harassment by a vocal minority, aka "trolls". Despite being kind and wonderful people at heart, GamerGate did lead to a small, SMALL number of rape and death threats against women in the gaming industry.

ComicsGate shares a few complaints with GamerGate. ComicsGaters, like GamerGaters, often speak of their favorite industry being "infested" with "SJW's" creating too much content for women and assorted minorities. ComicsGate also intersects with reactionary politics and the alt-right in a manner similar to GamerGate. However, ComicsGate has yet to reach the high profile that GamerGate did, and its presence on forums like 4Chan and Reddit is minimal compared to the level of attention GamerGate received there. On August 27, 2018, prominent ComicsGate figure Ethan Van Sciver had this to say about ComicsGate in an interview he gave to the Rekieta Law YouTube channel:

"All of these things [ComicsGate, GamerGate, etc] are interrelated. What they have to do with is progressive ideologues invading male dominated hobbies and implementing change. Unwanted change. They always follow the same prescription. These ideologues invade your favorite hobby, they get in somehow, they find themselves in leadership or roles of influence (...) then they start hiring more social justice warriors, they start bringing in social justice warriors who really don't belong there, and these social justice warriors start looking around and they say 'hey, uh, this thing that you like, whether it's NASCAR, whether its the WWE, whether its comics or whether its GamerGate (sic) (...) that is toxic masculinity, it is racist, it is bigoted, (...) we've gotta start making some changes, we've gotta start bringing women in here. We gotta bring in some wimmens!'"

On September 4th, 2018, In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Ethan Van Sciver declared that he and he alone owns the expression “ComicsGate”.

"I own the word 'ComicsGate.' It belongs to ME. (...) Nobody will make a ComicsGate line of Comics except for ME."

This statement was in response to author Theodore “Teddy” Beale announcing his intention to launch a line of comic books branded as “Comicsgate Comics”.


Comics Gate Fanzine with interviews and promotions from some of it's creators: .