Richard C. Meyer, better known by his channel name, Diversity & Comics, is a ComicsGate youtuber who reviews and writes comics. He is also a U.S. Army and Marine Corps veteran, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2000, Meyer enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and was sent to Iraq as an infantry gunner. In 2006, Meyer joined the Army and returned to Iraq. Sgt. Meyer later served in Afghanistan as a rifle team leader until 2012. After being honorably discharged, Meyer worked in IT for a time, notably in PayPal. In 2017, Meyer started his channel called Diversity & Comics, where to try and point out the sabotage of the comic book industry by companies like Marvel. Though he has been accused of being opposed to diversity, Meyer has denounced these claims. He has said that he opposes "forced diversity", which he claims plagues the comic book industry. Though be has been called a racist repeatedly, he has a Muslim and a Jewish daughter, as well as a Latino son. He has two campaigns on IndieGogo for his two graphic novels, Jawbreakers: Lost Souls and Ironsights.


Meyer has been embroiled in multiple controversies, especially on Twitter, which he has since put on protected mode in August 2018. On one occasion in a private stream of close friends, he called a woman a "c** dumpster", which he admittedly regrets. He has also been accused of harassment, which he denies.

IndieGoGo Projects

As mentioned previously, Meyer has 2 campaigns currently on IndieGoGo:

  1. Jawbreakers: Lost Souls - Still accepting orders.
  2. Iron Sights - Now closed.

Colectively his campaigns have raised over $500K.